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Do you know when and how to use #hashtags on Facebook for your business?

Here’s a short guide with our tips!
How does it work?
When a user clicks on a hashtag or look for a specific one, it will see all posts collected under that voice.
1-Keep it simple: don’t use too many hashtags in the same post because they might confuse your fans. Using Maximum 3, users will remember you and understand easly;
2-Avoid punctuation: hashtags do not consider any punctuation, so instead of writing #let‘Sgoeat, it is necessary to write #letsgoeat;
3-Avoid spaces: instead of #lets go eat, better write #letsgoeat;
4-Use the hashtags in the copy of the post and in the comments: example “here are our #offers“;
5-Use popular hashtags: an excellent strategy for having free visibility is using hashtags as #offers, #discounts,#free since they are viewed with more regularity by users;
#sensebuzz 🐝

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