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Do you buy followers for your #brand?

Do you buy followers for your #brand?
Growing your brand on the major social networks as Instagram and Facebook is of course one of the primary goals of any company.
But hereby you will find some reason for not doing it:

1-PROFILES ARE FAKE: in most cases, when buying followers packages from non-official companies, these are then false because they are not real users, and therefore they will not interact in the future with you and will not buy your products;

2-DELETED PROFILES: Instagram and facebook regularly delete fake profiles. In this case, it would be for you only a short-term solution, because you will gradually lose all these acquired followers in the future;

4-RELEVANCE: the two social networks have the aim of showing first pages of which posts have many interactions. Since fake profiles don’t will with you, Instagram will understand that your posts are not interesting, so it will decrease the chance to show them to your fans.

4- PENALTY: last, but not by importance, Instagram is lately focus on analyzing all business profiles and if they notice many fake profiles, they will close them without even warning you. This means you will have a big loss of work and money spent.

Hopefully these reasons are enough to change your mind and not buy followers.

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